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Armley Picture Hall, Leeds
Cinema Address:
4 Branch Road, Leeds
Period of Thompson Ownership:
How Acquired by Thompson:
Bought as an old chapel by Thompson and Charles Metcalfe. In 1915 it was transferred into Metcalfe's sole name at the same time as the newly built Pavilion Picture Hall was transferred into Thompson's sole name.
Other Info:
Opened as Pictureland at Easter 1910
Fate of the Cinema:
Became Western Talkie in 1933. Closed in May 1956 but reopened as the New Western in October 1957. Closed on 30 December 1960. It was the used for bingo and then as an amusement arcade. It is currently the Baltic European Supermarket (2018)
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West Yorkshire Cinemas and Theatres by Peter Tuffrey

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Information below is taken from The Kinematograph Yearbooks. The Page reference is from the following year’s edition, when information appeared. Additional information is in italics
Year Ownership Population Seating Capacity Other cinemas in town Manager Shows per day Changes Weekly Prices Variety Sound System Other cinemas with sound Kinematograph Year Book reference
1910 Thompson & Metcalfe 500
1911 Thompson & Metcalfe 500
1912 Thompson & Metcalfe 500
1913 Thompson & Metcalfe 445550 600 19 338
1914 Thompson & Metcalfe 445550 600 52 476
1915 Thompson & Metcalfe 445550 600 59 372