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Thomas “Tommy” Thompson

Peter Hallinan

I am Peter Hallinan. I am a Cinema Historian. For over 20 years I was a commercial property lawyer but ill health caused me to seek a complete change of direction. Having had a lifelong interest in film, in all its aspects, I took a Masters’ degree in “Film Studies with Film Archiving” at the University of East Anglia. For my dissertation I wrote about Thomas Thompson, my great-grandfather. In the family he had always been talked about with great pride and I grew up with stories about his life and achievements. It was with a mixture of excitement and trepidation that I started to research whether the truth matched the family view. Luckily I soon found that he was a major force in early cinema exhibition in Britain and I continued to uncover more and more about his significance and involvement in the early days of cinema.

Following graduation I worked for six years as an Accessions Curator and Project Manager for the Imperial War Museum Film and Video Archive and for one project worked on a silent film collection, and suspect that many of the films may have been shown in Thomas Thompson’s cinemas.

I have started this site by reworking my Masters’ dissertation but am continuing to research and add more and more information about Thomas Thompson which is a fascinating personal story but also a window onto cinema, business, social circumstances, local history of the north east of England, and life in the early twentieth century.

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