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Miners Theatre, Ashington
Cinema Address:
138 Station Road, Ashington, NE63 8HE
Period of Thompson Ownership:
1913-1916. Possibly owned before 1913.
How Acquired by Thompson:
Built in 1896 it was the first theatre in Ashington.
Other Info:
There is mixed evidence as to ownership before 1915. A C Moody is referred to.
Fate of the Cinema:
After being closed for some time Wallaw Pictures Ltd. built the new Art Deco style Regal Theatre on the site in 1937. This closed in November 1979, and after laying derelict for many years was demolished and a nursing home named Station Court was built on the site.
Location Accuracy: Accurate

Information below is taken from The Kinematograph Yearbooks. The Page reference is from the following year’s edition, when information appeared. Additional information is in italics

Year Ownership Population Seating Capacity Other cinemas in town Manager Shows per day Changes Weekly Prices Variety Sound System Other cinemas with sound Kinematograph Year Book reference
1913 Thomas Thompson and others 24583 2000 0 303
1914 Thomas Thompson and others 24583 2000 6 456
1915 Thomas Thompson 24583 2000 8 351
1916 Thomas Thompson 24583 2000 8

3 responses to “Miners Theatre, Ashington”

  1. Peter Douglas says:

    The new Regal was a partial rebuild of the Miners Hall. The frontage was new but the original auditorium side walls and stage block were retained. A new auditorium was built inside the shell of the original one. When the Regal was demolished in 1990 the top of the original proscenium was revealed above the 1930s proscenium.
    I was lucky enough to be given a full tour of the Regal a few months before closure and I also gained entry a few times after closure and during demolition. I took many photo’s including some not too long after closure when the building was used as storage for it’s owners, the Noble Organisation. Unfortunately I didn’t get any when the Regal was open as a cinema.

  2. Peter Douglas says:

    Housing now occupies the site of the Regal. The nursing home mentioned above is further down the street.

    • james brown says:

      Mr Douglas i am so happy to see your post. My name is James Lance Brown, my Gran margaret was manager of the Regal for a year in 1978 before moving to the wallaw. I was only 7 in 1979 but was heartbroken when the REgal closed. I did get to see the dressing rooms though. I was amazed when i heard you had been inside and taken photos before demolition in 1990? I hate to be bold but is there anyway i could see some of these pictures? Id be happy to pay for your inconvenience. I still have vivid memories of the cinema when it was open. Many thanks

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